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 Sparkassen Chess Trophy 2022 - Announcement

Prize fund 12.000 €


16th-24th of July 2022


Westfalenhallen/Kongresszentrum/Goldsaal, Rheinlanddamm 200, 44139 Dortmund



16.30 - 18.00: Registration with the tournament management Open A and B (also applies to pre-registered players)


08.30 - 09.15: Registration with the tournament management Open A and B (also applies to pre-registered players)
13.30 - 14.15: Registration with the tournament management Open A (also applies to pre-registered players)

10.30 Round 1 (B-Open)

15.00 Round 1 (A-Open)


10.30: Round 2 (B-Open)

15.00: Round 2 (A-Open)


10.30: Round 3 (B-Open)

15.00: Round 3 (A-Open)


10.30: Round 4 (B-Open)

15.00: Round 4 (A-Open)


10.30: Round 5 (B-Open)

15.00: Round 5 (A-Open)


10.30: Round 6 (B-Open)

15.00: Round 6 (A-Open)


10.30 Round 7 (B-Open)

15.00 Round 7 (A-Open)


10.30: Round 8 (B-Open)

15.00: Round 8 (A-Open)


09.00: Round 9 (B-Open)

13.30: Round 9 (A-Open)

19.00: Award ceremony


9 rounds CH system, computer draw, Waiting time is 30 minutes (for the first round the waiting time is determined differently at the opening).

A: Open: 90 minutes/40 moves + 30 minutes until the end of the game and 30 seconds increment from move 1.

B-Open: 75 minutes/40 moves + 15 minutes until the end oft he game and 10 seconds increment from move 1.

Rating and norms

The tournaments are evaluated according to DWZ and ELO. In the A-Open it is possible to obtain GM and IM norms.

Player without Rating

Player of a foreign chess federation without DWZ/ELO

need a written certificate from their chess federation about their playing strength. For German players without a club and without a rating number, the tournament director will decide on the participation in the A- or B-Open.

Award ceremony

The prize fund in the amount of _ 12.000 € is guaranteed. No double prizes. In case of a tie, the distribution in the A-Open will be according to the Hort system. In the B- Open and in case of special and rating prizes, the number of buchholz decides (prizes will not be split). The special prizes will be paid out in case of 5 participants per category. Prize money will only be paid out to participants who attend the award ceremony. Prize money for persons not assessed for tax purposes in Germany will be treated in accordance with the German Income Tax Act.

The winners of the first place in the A and B Opens will receive room and breakfast at the Grand Masters Hotel if they participate in 2023*.

Advance registration

Please transfer the entry fee to the account of the Initiative Pro Schach e.V. at the Sparkasse Dortmund IBAN DE36 4405 0199 0112 2698 00 and BIC DORTDE33XXX as soon as possible In the reason for transfer please state name, and year of birth.

The registration is only valid when the online registration form is filled out and the entry fee is received.


Tournament director Andreas Jagodzinsky, 0049 152 21880348, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Initiative Pro Schach e. V., Eicktelgenweg 18, 44309 Dortmund



for players from DWZ/ELO 1900 (the higher rating number is decisive for all classifications based on the rating number at the beginning of the tournament)

Prize fund

10.000 €


2.000, 1.500, 1.000, 700, 600, 500, 400, 300,_200, 100

Special prices

Rating between 2201 and 2400: 200

Rating between 2001 and 2200: 100

best woman: 700, 500, 250

best senior before 01.01.1962: 500

best youth U14: 150

best youth U16: 150

best youth U18: 150

Entry fee

adults: 70€ - teenagers U18 (born 2007-2004): 60 € - teenagers U14 (born 2008 and younger): 50 €



for players under DWZ/ELO 1900

Prize fund

2.000 €


500, 300, 200, 100, 100

Special prices

Rating between 1501 and 1750: 100

Rating between 1301 and 1500: 100

Rating between 1101 and 1300: 100

Best woman: 150

Best senior before 01.01.1962: 150

Best youth U18: 100

Best youth U14: 100

Entry fee

Adults: 60 € - teenagers U18 (born 2007-2004): 50 € - teenagers U14 (born 2008 and younger): 40 €


Covid 19 regulations

The regulations valid at the time of the tournament apply and we are bound to them as the organizer. Should these make participation impossible for individual participants, we will of course refund the entry fee after a corresponding notification before the start of the tournament. If you are traveling from abroad, please also note the applicable travel regulations and, if applicable, whether your vaccination status is valid.

Play with the Grandmasters

Parallel to the A-Open, the NC World Masters  and the Deutschland Grand Prix will take place in the Gold Hall. All participants of the open tournaments have free entry to these events.

Breakfast with the Grandmasters

* Also this year it is possible to stay overnight right next to the venue at the Hotel of the Grand Masters, the Hotel Mercure Dortmund Messe und Kongress Westfalenhallen. The single room with breakfast and parking costs 95 € per night, the double room costs 120 €. Indicate the password "IPS".

Hotel Mercure Dortmund Messe
Strobelallee 41, 44139 Dortmund
Tel.: +49 231 1204245

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