Deutschland Grand Prix

In the German Grand Prix national players will compete with the extended world elite. 7 grandmasters will be invited and play a round robin tournament. 

The grandmaster who is not playing will comment live on site in Dortmund with GM Artur Jussupow.


GM Bogdan-Daniel Deac (ROU, Elo 2692)

GM David Navara (CZE, Elo 2688)

GM Pavel Eljanov (UKR, Elo 2681)

GM Matthias Blübaum (GER, Elo 2673)

GM Rasmus Svane (GER, Elo 2649)

GM Luke McShane (ENG, Elo 2649)

GM Erwin L´Ami (NED, Elo 2634)

1. Round 17 July 3 pm

Eljanov - Svane
Deac - Navara
McShane - Blübaum
L´Ami bye

2. Round 18 July 3 pm

Navara - McShane
Svane - Deac
L´Ami - Eljanov
Blübaum bye

3. Round 19 July 3 pm

Deac - L´Ami
McShane - Svane
Blübaum - Navara
Eljanov bye

4. Round 20 July 3 pm

Svane - Blübaum
L´Ami - McShane
Eljanov - Deac
Navara bye

5. Round 22 July 3 pm

McShane - Eljanov
Blübaum - L´Ami
Navara - Svane
Deac bye

6. Round 23 July 3 pm

L´Ami - Navara
Eljanov - Blübaum
Deac - McShane
Svane bye

7. Round 24 July 1:30 pm

Blübaum - Deac
Navara - Eljanov
Svane - L´Ami
McShane bye

Eljanow 2021

Winner Pavel Eljanov at the Sparkassen Chess Trophy 2021 (Photo: Christian Lünig, Arbeitsblende)

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